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List of Available Services 
Kee-Way Inspection Services offers a wide array of inspection-related services. Our mission is to provide you with enough information so that you may make an informed decision about your prospective new home.  

Kee-Way Inspection                     Services

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Buyer's Home Inspection

To make sure your'e making the right real estate purchase, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing any material defects found on your home inspection. As a buyer, you will want to rely on a trustworthy professional with experience. 

Kee-Way Inspection Services prides itself on a thorough, non-invasive, detail oriented inspection done to the NJ Standards of Practice that includes (but not limited to) the following key components of the structure and property:


   • Roofing system (including gutters and downspouts)

   • Foundation, basement, and crawl spaces

   • Electrical system

   • Plumbing system

   • HVAC system

   • Exterior components 

   • Decks, Porches, and patios

   • Driveways and walkways

   • Garages

   • Fireplaces

   • Interior

   • Attic, insulation, and ventilation

   • Mechanicals

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Drone Imagery Services

Using a drone to collect aerial photos and video of a roof can aide the inspector in accessing roofs that may be difficult to climb. Which may be dangerous to the inspector. 


Some roofs are completely inaccessible. They may be too high, too steep, wet or they're made of material that may shouldn't be walked like slate or clay. This makes walking the roof dangerous. In addition, some roofs have tall chimneys or other features that are impossible to access. 

Inspectors can use tools like camera poles to try and address accessibility issues, but those tools are limited in what they can capture, and can't always provide the level of detail needed.

Drones help resolve accessibility issues by giving home inspectors an easy method for collecting visual data on the condition of a roof without having to climb the building and walk across it. Walking even asphalt covered roofs is damaging to the material. 


Given limitations in flying, it’s not always possible to use a drone to collect all the information needed for a roof inspection.

However, drones can make roof inspections much more safe and efficient by providing inspectors with a quick review of the entire structure, highlighting potential problem areas that may need more attention or that may present safety risks.

For example, drones can allow inspectors to see where a roof may be sagging or buckling and this information can be invaluable for inspectors when they climb onto the roof to perform their manual inspection.

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Radon Testing

Radon gas can damage cells in your lungs, which can lead to cancer. Radon is responsible for about 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year in the United States.


Specifically, many counties in New Jersey have higher than average radon levels inside residential properties.


Kee-Way Inspection Services will measure radon levels in your potential home to make sure they meet the appropriate recommended levels.

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Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Wood Destroying Insects/Termites: Termites have a bad reputation as being expensive household pests!


Termites cause millions in damage each year. Allow us to find the telltale signs of termite infestation.

Wood destroying insects are not limited to termites, other invasive wood destroying pests are also part of this service. For example; carpenter ants, carpenter bees and powder post beetles are all looked for during this inspection process. 

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Oil Tank Sweeps

Residential homes in the State of New Jersey are known to have oil as a source of fuel for heat. However, many of the oil tanks can be found underground and possibly leaking! It’s important to your family’s health to locate and inspect the tank on your potential property.

If an oil tank size anomaly is found on the property, it is a great idea to have an exploratory dig completed. Additionally an OPRA request should be done on your potential property.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

Poor air quality has been linked to a variety of symptoms, from headaches to fatigue to sinus problems. Polluted indoor air can also trigger asthma, allergies  and the uncomfortable symptoms that come along with them.

Kee-Way Inspection Services will conduct a thorough evaluation of the air quality in your potential home. You can count on us  for effective air quality testing. Once we receive results from the lab, the report will be sent directly to you.

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Sewer Line Scopes

The sewer line is an important part of your plumbing system and should not be ignored.

Sending a camera down the sewer line in search of defects such as cracked pipes, roots and/or other blockage will help prevent any sewer back ups. Settled pipes, back pitched pipes, water sitting in the sewer line are all the things you may find when you scope the line. It is highly recommended, especially if the pipes are older, such as cast iron.  

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